Verdicts / Settlements

Recovery: $3,800,000 verdict when Client suffered Stage IV pressure ulcer (bed sore) due to neglect in giving proper wound care by a nursing home.
Recovery: $2,800,000 verdict for medical negligence of a physician in failure to diagnose and treat a medical condition.
Recovery: $2,500,000 for client injured in an automobile product liability case (broken seatback) which led to permanent paralysis after a car wreck in Mississippi.
Recovery: $2,300,000 for family of woman who died in her home as a result of a nearby train derailment and explosion.
Recovery: $1,225,000 for death of motorist due to negligence of 18-wheeler driver.
Recovery: $1,200,000 for breach of fiduciary duty. 
Recovery: $730,000 for woman injured in an automobile and train collision at a railroad crossing in Arkansas.
Recovery: $700,000 for wrongful death of man killed at a railroad crossing in Mississippi due to negligence of railroad equipment operator and flagman.
Recovery: $600,000 for medical negligence of physician in failure to recognize and timely treat infection after surgery.
Recovery: $500,000 for nursing home negligence in wound care which led to sepsis and death of man.
Recovery: $500,000 for failure to diagnose cancer. 
Recovery: $400,000 for personal injury suffered in accident involving an off-road vehicle
Recovery: $390,000 for products liability case involving fork lift.
Recovery: $380,000 for pedestrian/train accident in Arkansas.
Recovery: $360,000 for wrongful death of full-term fetus in failure to diagnose complications of pregnancy.
Recovery: $291, 000 for nursing home negligence and wound care in which led to death of elderly woman. 
Recovery: $235,000 for medical negligence of emergency room physician to properly treat overdose of a patient.
Recovery: $200,000 for injuries from an accident at a storefront. 
*Each of the above recoveries represents the gross amount of the settlement or verdict. Attorneys' fees and litigation expenses were deducted from the gross recovery.