Verdict in medical malpractice case

In June 2016, the Gilliam Firm represented a family awarded a $2.8 million verdict in a Helena, Arkansas medical malpractice trial!  Vicki Gilliam, along with co-counsel John Ogles and Greg Taylor, are pictured with the family of Cora Dowd, following a four day trial.   Mrs. Dowd died after an Emergency Room doctor failed to diagnose her appendicitis and sent her home.  After four years of litigation, the case was tried and the jury voted to award damages of over $2.8 million for her medical bills, pain, suffering and the loss of support and loss of her life to her family.  The Gilliam Firm continues to pursue justice in Arkansas and Mississippi.  Call us at 601-488-4044, FB message or email at if you would like for the firm to review the facts of a situation in order to determine if you have a valid claim of negligence.  No cost for intial consult on personal injury cases.