The Gilliam Firm, PLLC proudly celebrates its three year anniversary of being a Rankin County small business. Vicki Gilliam, a long-time public Defender, veteran criminal defense and personal injury  trial lawyer said “God was calling me to Rankin County in 2017. I first moved my office to Flowood. But after spending a year litigating, trying and then winning the Robert Smith case in the Rankin County Circuit Court located in downtown Brandon, Mississippi, I felt that I needed to relocate to Brandon. After spending two years on the beautiful historic square area, I feel this is where my trial skills can be best used.”
In January of 2020, Judge John Emfinger appointed Gilliam as one of the seven lawyers who serve as part-time public Defenders before all three circuit Judges in Rankin County. Gilliam said, “I’m beyond honored to serve and appreciate that Judge Emfinger considered me for this position. The judges, clerks, prosecutors and administrators have all been so kind to help me get settled in. Now I can use my career lifetime of skills to represent folks who are charged with crimes here in Rankin, County.”
Gilliam has been practicing for over 27 years. She practiced only criminal defense, early in her career, for over 8 years, focusing on felonies in Hinds County. She has tried multiple capital murder, murders, robberies, burglaries and drug charges in the Circuit court of Hinds County. She was also a full time professor at Mississippi College in the Administration of Justice Department and taught over fifteen different subjects from Arrest, Search and Seizure, Judicial Process, Interviewing and Interrogation, Juvenile Justice, Rights of Prisoners and Victims, Police Rights and Responsibilities, Criminal Evidence and Litigation. 
Gilliam has also been successful in civil litigation, having results of millions of dollars in recovery for her clients. “The basic trial and litigation skills that I learned as a young Public Defender served me well and made me a much better abled  litigator in large personal injury cases. My first civil trial yielded a $3.1 million verdict for a client whose father had been severely neglected in nursing home.  I knew there were more folks out there who needed my skills in order to get justice and recover necessary funds to deal with their injuries and losses. So, I began a course of large and complex civil litigation. ” 
Gilliam was featured in the 2011 Summer HBO documentary “Mann v. Ford”. Her enthusiasm for justice and representing those who need her most, was evident. 
Gilliam not only handles criminal defense, whether misdemeanors or felonies, she still litigates big truck and car wrecks, corporate and small business disputes, and estate, trust and will litigation. She also  represents and protects whistle blowers in reporting fraud to the Federal Government. She has five whistleblower cases currently under seal and will gladly help anyone who has witnessed fraud and needs someone to protect them and help them, as they do the right thing. 
Gilliam wants the Rankin County community to know, “I am here to use my skills in criminal or civil cases in city courts, justice court, county court, circuit court or federal court. I am very proud to be a part of the Rankin County Bar.” 
To reach Gilliam, you can call or text 601-488-4044. Her office is located at 106 Town Square in Brandon, MS.