Dangerous Products

Manufacturers have a legal responsibility to design and build safe products, and companies have a legal responsibility to ensure that the products they sell and distribute adhere to safety standards. When a product does not function in the way it was intended due to a defective part or design error, an unexpected accident can lead to injuries, physical damages or even wrongful death.


Dangerous products can encompass anything from lawnmowers to coffee makers. Since the error or defect can take place at any part of the manufacturing or distributing process, these cases involve a great deal of investigation into the faulty product’s history to determine who is at fault if injuries or wrongful death occurs.


Consumers who have suffered from injuries due to dangerous products may be entitled to compensation for their injuries or damages. The attorneys at The Gilliam Firm, PLLC understand Mississippi product liability law and can sort through the many players and intricacies of a dangerous products case to seek justice and recovery.


If you or a loved one has been seriously injured from dangerous products or if a loved one has died in an accident where a product failed to perform in the way that it should have performed, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of the product. Please contact us for a free consultation on your case.